Mum, 43, Who’s Spent £60,000 On Looks Plans To Get Son A Nose Job For Christmas

A woman who has spent £60,000 ($81,000) on her looks is paying for her teen son to get a nose job for Christmas.

Marcela Iglesias, from Los Angeles, has spent years changing her appearance, and says surgery will make Rodrigo, 19, happier and more comfortable in front of the camera.

The 19-year-old has already undergone a number of procedures, such as botox, and his mum, who is often mistaken for his sister, says it is totally his decision to get his nose done.

Marcela, 43, said: “He has manifested that he doesn’t like the shape of his nose.

“The procedure will help him to be more comfortable taking pictures.

“He has tried some units of botox at the tip of his nose, which prevent his nostrils from looking ‘wider’ – but it just lasted for a couple of months.”

Marcela is paying for her teenage son to get a nose job. Credit: Jam Press

She said she wants to be part of the operation and support her son.

Adding: “My worst fear is if he comes home with a nose job saying ‘well, mom, see, I got it done, and you were not part of it!’.

“I would feel very disappointed and terrible not to support my son.”

Marcela claimed that Rodrigo was recently diagnosed with a mildly deviated septum, so the surgery could help him breathe easier.

And though she admits there are always risks, she says no bones should have to be broken.

The model said: “The deviated septum means he cannot breathe as well through one nostril – so he told me ‘if I do the surgery to correct that, maybe at the same time I will fix my nose aesthetically’

Marcela says it's totally her son's decision and that many of his friends have had plastic surgery. Credit: Jam Press

“He doesn’t like the tip of his nose – so he just wants to perfect something for himself, not to please anybody else.”

But Marcela insists that this isn’t about a quick fix. For example, if Rodrigo were overweight, she wouldn’t let him get liposuction.

She added: “But when it comes to the face… well there is no such thing as fitness for noses.”

And while it might seem a bizarre situation for most people, Marcela says in LA, it’s really common.

“We are in the mecca of plastic surgery,” she says.

Rodrigo says he is excited to go under the knife. Credit: Jam Press

“It is pretty normal here to get some procedure done, not a taboo or problem.

Marcela has now created a social media platform called Plastics Of Hollywood where she shares updates on Rodrigo and why she is letting him have cosmetic surgery on his face.

Rodrigo said his mum was being really supportive and that he was excited to go under the knife.

He said: “I was the one who wanted the nose job, she never told me to get it. It’s not a big issue that I have, I think I would just look a little better if I got one but I’m not super crazy about it.

“She’s helping me find some doctors because she wants me to go to the best person.

“It could happen for Christmas and I’m so excited about that. It could be fun, not gonna lie!”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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