Photos That’ll Fool Your Eyes Better Than David Copperfield ( part2)

There are times when you point your camera to take a shot thinking that you will capture something special, but in the end you get twice the magic you expected.

Even taking a simple selfie with your dog or parrot can turn into something entirely different.

We  want to share these photos with you so that you can have some fun too. It’s time for some magic.

14. Cow-incidence

15. The magic cat:

16. When the universe sends you a sign:

17. They are probably heading home from the hairstylist.

18. What a beautiful smile!

20. Take cover… giant pigeons are coming.

21. I have 2 dogs, but I can’t find the other one.

22. I feel safe now… Spiderman is everywhere.

23. Reflections are always magical.

24. He’s gonna have a hard time carrying that book.

25. When you see it… Even news anchors are creating illusions now.

Have you ever taken a photo and realized that something else was happening? Share your photo with us and tell us which photo you liked the most from our collection.

Preview photo credit Malocchi / RedditMassGootz / Reddit

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