Hilarious Animals That Refuse to Play by Humans’ Rules

Many of us have already noticed that animals become smarter and more independent year after year. Moreover, they keep developing new features like willfulness and capriciousness.

But they never fail to continue sharing their warmth and joy with us, do they?

“Did you say I wasn’t supposed to wake the baby up?”

no i will not wake him up

“No, I’m not sleeping — I’m enjoying my meal.”

don’t touch anything

“No ’muah’ today, human!”

no kiss today

“Get in the car quickly. The party is about to start!”

i don’t want to miss the party

When cats are pleased, sheep are safe.

absolute comfort

“Go to work. I’ll sleep for you.”

don’t forget to bring me some food

“It’s not my fault! You should’ve left a warning sign.”

you just have to redo the human work

“Of course it’s my bed! I was here way before this little human.”

this is my bed for me

“Do you truly believe that your silly box will stop me?”

“Wake up, human! It’s 4:50 AM! Where’s my breakfast?”

“No, I haven’t seen your cat!”

a cat? who sees a cat here?

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